10 Ways to Walk More When Travelling

Walking when travelling just feels good. As much as I love the convenience of a rental car, there is something to be said for leaving it in the parking lot for a day and exploring the local neighborhood you’re staying in by foot.

1. When staying in a hotel, ask for a room on a lowish floor and take the stairs.

2. Consider walking rather than taking public transportation. Sometimes it’s quicker to walk. Use the walking directions option on Google maps to look at options for walking routes between two points.

3. When using Google maps to find public transport directions, try out the “more walking” option. Aim to take just one bus/train + walk, rather than having to transfer.

4. Stay in an apartment in a walk up building. You’ll have no excuse but to take the stairs!

5. Get in the habit of taking an after dinner stroll.

6. Go cheapskate and only use free parking. Free parking is often available near prime destinations if you’re prepared to walk for 5-10 minutes. Save some dineros and get some exercise too.

7. Alternate your travels between places that require a rental car and cities where you can easily get by with using public transportation e.g., New York, San Francisco.

8. Stay places longer so that you have more time to familiarize yourself and get comfortable with a neighborhood, and can afford to spend time just wandering.

9. Have more picnics and meals that involve walking to buy groceries and carrying them back to your accommodation.

10. Stay in neighborhoods that feel safe for walking and that have plenty of visual interest. Often this will be a central city location but not a financial district (where it’s dead quiet after all the workers go home and most of the dining choices are probably lunch only).

Photo Credit: Creative Commons, Nick Page

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