Indonesia : Something for Everyone!

There are many clichés on offer when it comes to discussing travel destinations, and one which crops up again and again is “something for everyone”. Now, whilst you might be sick of hearing this, and you begin to disbelieve it, some destinations really do tick this box.

To coin that very well used cliché, Indonesia really does offer “something for everyone”!

You might not be aware of how big Indonesia truly is, but it is officially the world’s largest archipelago in the world, spanning around 18,110 islands, with only 6000 of them inhabited. This means there are a huge number of islands which are literally empty, mysterious, and castaway. That statement should tell you about the mystery and intrigue which surrounds this cultural and vibrant country.

24359199382_c5f8896818_z Prambanan Temple, Java

Indonesia sits on the equator, and that means hot temperatures and humid conditions – if you love tropical weather, this is the destination for you! The clear and warm waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans lap the shores of these islands, and this brings a wide variety of different marine life to explore, as well as those iconic white sand beaches that we all dream of chilling the hell out on.

With all this talk of uninhabited islands and paradise, you might be thinking there’s not an awful lot to see and do other than nature – wrong! Indonesia is packed with vibrant cities, major shopping opportunities, and history and culture at every turn. Jakarta is the country’s capital, and this is located on Java; this is also the most populous area of the country, and offers visitors plenty of sights and experiences to enjoy. This is your biggest choice for shopping opportunities too, because Jakarta has a large number of amazing shopping malls, including the Grand Indonesnia Mall which is the largest and most popular of them all. For a more cultural experience and street food there are many traditional markets around the city. You certainly won’t struggle to splash the cash in Jakarta! Accommodation is of a high standard and great value for money. You will easily find your best room to stay in by looking online, for example the Aston Rasuna which has great facilities and lies in the heart of South Jakarta.


Of course, Bali is also in Indonesia, and this is one of the most famous and iconic honeymoon destinations in the world. Here you will find those iconic beach bungalows, stunning marine-life, crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, swaying palms, and a laid-back vibe to go alongside it all. Kuta Beach is the most popular resort in Bali, and this is also the most touristic part, where the majority of backpackers end up, however there are some other more laid-back and sophisticated resorts to enjoy too, usually packed with large five star hotels, offering luxury as standard.

If you’re an adventurer at heart, you’re more than catered for. Sumatra is the 6th largest island on the planet, and it is packed with nature and wildlife. It is home to some of the world’s most endangered species and is the native home of those cheeky orangutans we love to see at the zoo.
Alternatively, Kalimantan, which is the Indonesia part of the island of Borneo which it shares with Malaysia and Brunei, has jungle landscapes which are some of the densest in the world and have a rich and diverse wildlife

We have only just scratched the surface of what Indonesia can offer those who choose to head in this direction, and whilst we talked about that old cliché at the start of this article, we have to say it again – Indonesia really does have “something for everyone”.

Images by Aditya Prabaswara,
Joe Le Merou, Ryan Albrey under Creative Commons license.

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