My Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Life is very short – this is something we know all too well from anything we see on the news or hear in our daily lives. For that reason, I believe travelling as much and as far as possible is something everyone should strive to do!

Yes, travel costs money, but you can save up; yes, travel is time consuming, but it’s consuming in the best possible way. There really is no excuse.

I have been thinking about my travel bucket list a lot over the last few months, and I’m going to share my ideas with you; perhaps you will find some inspiration in my ideas too!

Sri Lanka
The culture, the nature, the wildlife, the sun! Who can’t see the charms of this beautiful Indian Ocean island. And as yet it is not overrun with tourists. Sri Lanka is somewhere I have wanted to visit for a considerable time now, and it is certainly somewhere I am working up to. The image of those elephants trekking their way through the jungle, the temples surrounded by green vegetation, and those paradise beaches – my idea of heaven. A visit to a tea plantation is a top priority too. I’ve always been fascinated by how popular crops like tea and coffee are grown and processed.

Road tripping around Australia
A few years ago I actually sat down and designed a road trip which would take me around the entirety of Australia. Yes, it maybe a little ambitious, but it’s something I really wany to do before I’m 50. Australia is made up of vastly different landscapes and I’d want to combine coastal, desert and tropical routes over a 4-5 month period. My plan is to buy a camper van so I have the freedom to go where I want, when I want, and it will save on accommodation costs too. A home away from home whilst on the road 🙂 A trip that long will cost a fair amount of money so I’ll be looking for smart ways to save money where I can.

Perhaps it’s the wilderness that calls out to me, but the idea of visiting Patagonia certainly grabs my attention. One of the most remote destinations in the world, there are now more opportunities to visit what is considered the ‘end of the world’ by many, provided you wrap up very warm indeed! This is a true outdoorsy destination, somewhere you can forget hustle and bustle and simply immerse yourself in nature, and for me, that is why it has a place on my bucket list.

No, I haven’t been yet! This might sound like a ridiculously easy place to visit, thanks to low cost airlines and lower cost accommodation, but it is simply somewhere I have yet to schedule in. I have a dream of eating pizza in an Italian city, and this one is the biggest and best in my eyes – the history, the culture, the warm atmosphere, everything about it grabs my attention. Perhaps this year?

St Lucia
All of the Caribbean islands are steeped in nature, but this one in particular, along with the Dominican Republic, is perhaps the most green and most natural of them all. The beaches, the jungles, the forests, the landscapes, the volcanoes – what more could you want from a destination? It doesn’t hurt that there are some amazing hotels with more than 5 stars to choose from, and plentiful excursions into Mother Nature’s best sites too.

Machu Picchu, Peru
The high altitude of the Andes is enough to capture the imagination in terms of scenery, but the chance to visit such iconic Mayan history as Machu Picchu, one of the Wonders of the World, is a must do for me. If this is something you’d like to try, be warned that you do need to acclimatise yourself to the altitude a little before you attempt it, so don’t rush your trip.

So that’s it, that is my bucket list of travel destinations, the places I want to head to before my time is through. Where in the world would be on your bucket list?

Image: Unsplash CC0
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