Unforgettable Walks through Tenerife’s Spectacular Island Interior

Holidays to Tenerife are a beach lover’s dream but the island is also home to some fabulous walking and hiking trails. Spend a day or two exploring the amazing interior to discover a different side to Spain’s most popular destination.
A trip to the summit of Spain’s highest mountain set within the fascinating lunar-like landscape of Teide National Park is only one of a number of scenic island walks that can be experienced.

An unforgettable sunrise


Tenerife holidays aren’t just about the beaches, high temperatures and the vibrant nightlife although these are all welcome attractions. The interior is also worth a visit even if the only place you do explore is the 3,718 metre Mount Teide. Although this mountain is an iconic landmark it’s strangely overlooked by many visitors to the island. Climbing to the summit means you’ve arrived at the highest point in Spain and an overnight hike will provide you with views of the island as well as that spectacular Atlantic Ocean sunrise.

The volcanic national park


If you’ve only ever experienced this island’s beach beauty spots then a hiking trip through Teide National Park will come as something of an eye-opener. This is an entirely different landscape from the coastal resort areas and provides an otherworldly atmosphere while trekking through the volcanic interior. The Las Canadas and El Teide areas offer lava-flow floors, immense cliffs stretching over a 1000ft and the moon-like, red-rock Las Canadas caldera. This amazing area of Tenerife is often named in those lists of the world’s best walking routes but the terrain can be taxing and some parts aren’t for the faint-hearted.

A relaxing afternoon’s walk


If you’re looking to view some of the island scenery on a not too taxing walk then try the short hike around the Samara volcanic crater. Located just northwest of Las Canadas this perfectly formed crater of lava bombs and black cinder landscape will give you a taste of the interior and perhaps make you want to explore further.

Island scenic splendour


Don’t just lounge by the pool or beach on all-inclusive holidays to Tenerife – explore to get the most out of your vacation. Guided tours are available to some superb viewpoints across the island including an exciting cable car ride part of the way to Mount Teide. However, if you’re looking to experience the scenic splendor of volcanic hillsides, small craters and pine forests then take the five hour trek from El Portillo down to the cloud forests at the La Ortava Valley. This lovely walk includes the ancient pilgrimage trail, the Camino Candelaria, which runs from the north coast to the Sanctuario of Candelaria in the south.
Last minute Tenerife holidays are a popular and inexpensive booking option whether you’re looking for a blast of winter or summer sunshine. This exotic island will also reward you if you’re looking for unforgettable treks through some of the world’s most fascinating landscapes.

Images by er Guiri, Mike and Annabel Beales, andy and cortto used under creative commons license.

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