10 Ways to Be a More Adventurous Traveller

When people think of adventurous travel, they often think of thrill seeking activities or camping. However, adventurous travel is far more than this. Here are 10 ways you can be more adventurous without bungee jumping or white water rafting!

1. Try a food you wouldn’t normally try. It doesn’t have to be something gross. For example, I don’t generally like mushrooms or eggplant but I might be prepared to try a dish that has these veggies in it in Asia since they’re usually smothered in delicious curry sauce!

2. Eat places without reading reviews first. Yes folks, I’m talking about the lost art of wandering into a restaurant that looks good, without looking it up on yelp first.

3. Eat from street carts. If there are lots of locals queuing to be served then it’s likely to be good. The same goes for restaurants above.

4. Strike up a conversation. Times you are waiting around in line or at a bus stop are great opportunities for this.

5. Mix and match the types of accommodation you stay in. This will give you exposure to different types of people. You may find talking to a wealthy person in a fancy hotel bar more intimidated than talking to a backpacker in an hostel but both experiences may be equally rewarding. Talk to people of different ages and cultural backgrounds.

6. Travel alone sometimes. It makes us more open to talking to new people and trying new experiences. Do make sure a family member &/or friend knows your travel movements in case you run into any trouble.

7. Try options like house swapping rather than just go down the hotel route. Even using Airbnb can be a little nudge in the direction of being more adventurous.

8. Spend more of your travel time outdoors in nature. Even if you just up the percentage a little bit.

9. Use more personalized travel options e.g., book a private walking tour with a local company rather than a hop on, hop off bus tour. Have them tailor something to your interests.

10. Bike! Rent a bike and bike around in cities or do longer bike camping trips. Always wear a helmet!

Photo Credit: Creative Commons, Tomas Fano

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