Six Opportunities for Adventure Travel in the UK

Whilst you might not picture the UK next to New Zealand in terms of outdoorsy adventure-type activities, you will probably be very surprised to realise just how many opportunities there are in this green and pleasant land.

Spread between the different large towns and cities, you will find countryside of the most beautiful nature, with miles and miles of open space, fresh air, and chances to really test your adventurous side. The UK isn’t all about London, it isn’t all about sipping tea and reading about the Royal Family, watching football, and eating fish and chips!

Let’s look at six different opportunities at your disposal, perfect for getting seriously adventurous in the UK.

The Peak District

We’ll start off quaint, but extremely scenic. The Peak District is wild, ever changing, dangerous during bad weather, and basically stunningly beautiful. Huge green hills and peaks open up to massive reservoirs and lakes, with pretty villages and towns dotted throughout. It’s one for the camera, but also one for the walking fanatic, rock climbing enthusiast, fishing lover, and wind surfing fan. Plentiful B&B accommodation is available, and rail and road links make it easy to get around.

Centre Parcs

Now if you want to get active, but you want a comfortable bed and nice surroundings at the end of the day, Centre Parcs is going to be your ideal place to head. There are several centres around the UK, and the most famous probably being in Nottinghamshire, very close to the legendary Sherwood Forest. Here you can swim, rock climb, hike, walk, bike ride, you name it! Perfect if you’re travelling with a family in tow too.

Surfing in Cornwall

Fancy trying your hand at riding the waves? Cornwall has some of the best surfing in the UK, in fact most would argue that it has THE best surfing in the UK. Fistral Beach in Newquay is where the pros head to test their metal, as well as being the host of many competitions. You will find surf schools in Newquay, as well as a real outdoorsy vibe.

Hiking Snowdonia

Wales’ highest peak is a popular go-to for hikers. Snowdonia is beautiful, and whilst it isn’t the toughest mountain to hike, it will test you. You can choose to hike up, and get the train down, or you can be truly adventurous and hike it both ways. There is a coffee shop at the top if you need a breather! The views from the summit on a clear day head for miles.

Walking in the Scottish Highlands

You could go in search of the Loch Ness Monster, or you could just head out into the huge open spaces and rugged mountains of Ben Nevis, but whatever your preference, walking in the Scottish Highlands is certainly one for the adventurous at heart. Always check the weather before embarking on this kind of break, as it can change rather rapidly, and be completely different to the rest of the country when you’re this high up! Be prepared with the right clothing for changeable conditions.

Mountain biking in Glentress, Scotland

Staying with a Scottish vibe, this has been described as the UK’s best mountain bike destination, and it’s not hard to see why. There is a trail for different ability levels, and the area is also home to high quality biking centres. You will find good facilities throughout, fantastic scenery, and green routes for beginners, before moving onto testing black routes for seasoned pros.

So, you thought the UK was all about quaint villages and sipping tea? How wrong!

Photo Credit: Creative Commons, Stuart Madden

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