5 Ways To Keep Active While Visiting Glasgow

When you’re visiting a city like Glasgow, it’s very easy to over-indulge in the night-life, shopping and eating out. Visiting museums, galleries, and places of historical importance will give you some exercise , but if you want or need to do more to burn off those extra calories that you’re consuming while on holiday then there are plenty of options.

During a city break I often find that I end up feeling bloated and lethargic – tempted to sit around in my pyjamas all day, complaining about how sloth-like I feel. Well, that’s no good when you’re trying to see a new place, is it? So here are five ways you can burn off the excesses of your holiday while seeing Glasgow at the same time.

Guided walking tours

There are lots of different companies offering various walks around the city, usually with a guide to talk you through what you’re seeing, so it really is up to you which one you go with. The perk of this is of course that you get to see the major big hitters in terms of touristy things to see, without having to find them yourself, and usually getting lost. Glasgow is a huge city, so a tour is a good way to see it. A couple of popular walks are the Merchant City & Victorian Glasgow tour, as well as the East End walking tour. Check these two out in particular.

Walking around the botanical gardens

The good thing about walking around the botanical gardens is that you probably won’t realise you’re actually exercising, because your mind is elsewhere, looking at what you’re seeing. A brisk, but gentle walk is the way forward, in really peaceful and tranquil surroundings. Walk around twice and you’ll get double the benefit!


If you love your golf, then you’re in luck in Glasgow. Obviously Scotland has plentiful golf courses to choose from, but there are many around the city area, making it easy to incorporate a round of golf into your city break holiday. Alexandra Park and Lethamhill are two popular ones, amongst many, many others.

Jogging routes

One of the best and easiest jogging routes around the city is Glasgow Green. This is a 2.25 mile route which takes you around the perimeter of the Green, and is easily done, suiting all ability levels, and close to the city centre. Grab your comfy running shoes, head out early on, and the rest of the day is yours to enjoy as well.


With the Commonwealth Games has come the new Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, and a major boom in cycling. Take advantage of this new popularity by hiring a bike and jumping on one of the 375km of identified cycling routes in and around the city. You could even head out into the nearby countryside for a breath of fresh air whilst you’re at it, taking your camera with you for a few precious outer city pictures.

Once you’ve broken sweat, head back to your hotel, shower down, get yourself dressed up, and head out for a few cheeky drinks, safe in the knowledge that you have treated your body like the temple it is!

Photo Credit: Creative commons license, dun_deagh

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